At Naezily, our goal is to deliver quality garments that is fit for our everyday warrior. With our brand concept in mind in designing for hijabis and free hair women, we embarked on a journey to discover the world of…. PLEATS!

Firstly, what is pleats? And, why?

By definition alone, it does not fully explain the complexity of this style. There are so many types of pleats and the different kind of fabrics you can use - from chiffon to polyester.

We have went through rounds of sampling, testing of fabrics and pleating process which took us months! We want to make sure that our pleated garments are figure-flattering and compliments different body types.

Sampling Process
PoP Logo Creation
Voila! Final Products

In line with our brand statement, we present to you, “Pleats oh Pleats” which will be a staple collection for Naezily. The idea is to provide effortless and fuss-free style for all women - no matter what their lifestyle choices are. We hope you enjoy our labour of love and looking forward to seeing you rock them. 

Yours truly, Naezily

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