About Us

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Established in 2019, Naezily was meant to be a solution for women who wanted something different to wear at home. Inspired by classic tailoring from a feminine perspective, we designed and conceptualised many different ideas on how we could transform a staple piece of apparel into something chic and modern. In 2022, we evolved from SleepyKaftan into Naezily, a brand that we believe will bridge the gap between modern and modest fashion.

Naezily is a brand that represents modernity, simplicity and fashion. We aim to cater to modern women who who strives for freedom and abundance without compromises. We are devoted to producing high-quality apparels that we believe will not only make you look good, but feel great as well.

Naezily is based in both Singapore and Malaysia, and we strive to ensure our products are shipped out quickly from our warehouses so you can have them as quickly as possible.

For more enquiries, you may contact us via

Email: contact@naezily.com
Instagram: @naezily
Facebook: Naezily